We conduct full site inspections
throughout the US and Canada
relative to fires, explosions,
mechanical and electrical failures
involving commercial and
residential properties,
automotive, construction / heavy
equipment, and marine losses.

We provide the best results
available by conducting
inspections using accepted
industry standards and
guidelines in order to obtain
all the information and evidence
necessary to support any
future proceedings related
to our clients’ interests.

Our laboratory staff utilizes
scientific principles and practices
to thoroughly analyze the
evidence and data to determine
the cause associated with each
loss. We also use modern
techniques, equipment, and
testing to verify all findings and
provide all of the information
necessary to validate and
support our conclusions.

We specialize in several specific
types of appliance and device
failures. Our forensic engineering
services can provide you with
in-depth product testing and
statistical data relative to the
analysis of these failures.

Our qualified experts supply
detailed, peer-reviewed reports
and documentation that will
withstand the challenges of
case litigation. We also provide
you with expert testimony to
successfully support litigation
in either subrogation or product
defense cases.

We offer unbiased case
reviews, depositions, and
assistance with trial preparation.
Our staff can also develop
educational seminars tailored
to your specific needs.

Our offices are outfitted with the
latest technologies for our staff
and for our clients, including
professional office services,
secure file and data storage,
a conference room and library,
and the use of our multiple

When it comes to evidence, our
evidence technicians are well-
versed in the collection and
preservation of evidence from
the field to the courtroom. All
evidence is tracked using a
computerized chain of custody
database, and stored in our
climate-controlled, secure
evidence warehouse facilities.

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